The content in this website is the entirety of my undergraduate honors thesis, composed of two parts: my poetry collection, Apostrophe, and my paper reflecting on it.
It traverses the emotional landscapes of my experiences as a sexual assault survivor and hopes to begin bridging the gap in understanding left behind by quantitative research focused on statistics and data and to be a source of hope for those with similar experiences. There remains much research to be done in order to establish unequivocally the occurrence of sexual assault and to advocate for better access to support and for more empathetic understanding toward survivors. This thesis adds to that small volume of research in a qualitative, autoethnographic pursuit, exploring my personal identity as a sexual assault survivor using poetic writing and reflection.
01/*The Beginning of the End
02/Niccolo M.
03/The Illusion of Choice
05/Blood stained rose
06/Hard water
07/Tuesday’s Coup de Main
08/Your Poetic Exorcism
09/Sand Art
11/The Good Governor Theory
12/Bad Science
13/Impending Impact
14/Merry Meadows
16/Qui vivra verra
17/Google Grammar Suggestions
18/Modal Verbs and Contractions