Niccolo M.

Prince of charm

Lighting a room with sparks

Luring in even the most careful moth

With your Dionysian charisma

You whispered your past

Unknown to historians

Into my fluttery ear

A tragedy that made me weep

Rising the ranks

With a brute determination

Driven by your yesterdays

Inspiring my own wings to fly higher

But alas, I, Icarus

Blinded by the sparkling sun, soared too close

Burned my heart to learn of your Machiavelli

And needed to extinguish myself in the oceans

There, the seahorses told me

Of your true frankensteinian nature

And understanding your monstrous heart

I couldn’t call you a villain

As such, you remain a nameless monster

One that spurs me forward

Into the territory of pity

Even when I know you murdered

Even when I am your victim

Even when I roam the underworld

As the Persephone you made me

Salvaging these pits of hell into a livable empire