Qui vivra verra

There’s nothing quite like

Feeling the warmth of the sun across my skin

As I dance freely in the stage light of day

Performing for an audience of two:

Myself and the giddy sun

Smiling at happy little rainbows

As they shimmer across soap bubbles

Sliding down my hands

Gaily plopping onto dirty dishes

Watching night lights of the city sea

As each one glitters before my eyes

Twinkling with the stars above

Blinking sweetly back at me

Because for months on end

I couldn’t escape you

Even in the depths of my dreams

My cruel unconscious

Forced me to see

You drive us off a cliff

Into the raging oceans

Of my own tears

With my hands tied

In the passenger seat

Roped up by my own mind

As I sunk into the darkness

Yet, one night

I faced you

And this time

I sat behind the driving wheel

I drove us to a safe place

And gave you a piece of my mind

So that you could give me back the piece that you owned

And, finally, leave me alone