The Good Governor Theory

In order for a meaningful interaction

(A chemical reaction)

To occur between particles

A collision must happen

And so we did

We were a reversible reaction

But one that left behind precipitate

That formed a new product from the chaos

Classified by the GHS as toxic, corrosive

A substance that requires neutralization

We live as an example of the collision theory

Which asserts that particles collide by 50/50

Random statistical chance

Yet there exists the chaos theory

Which implies our chaotic collision

Was actually a byproduct

Of deterministic laws of pattern

Another perspective

Rooted in the patternistic

Is that our paths of travel

As particles of this infinite universe

Were not 50/50

That one outcome was 30/60

And another was 80/20

That there was a clear choice of direction

So what is the meaning in this interaction?

Was it chance, choice, or pattern?

Or perhaps the question itself becomes obsolete

With the realization that the power of all three allowed this reaction

That there is a greater force beyond that governs all chances, choices and patterns.